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in Vacation Reviews - 25 Dec, 2014
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By that time, the importance of the three-region revolution was reduced to a chip for exchange of the Soviet Union to coerce the Kuomintang government to allow independence of Outer Mongolia. In the perspective of Russian scholars, the two countries “resolved the Xinjiang question without extra trouble”while allowing independence of Outer Mongolia, and both countries […]

in Travel Services - 17 Dec, 2014
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In early 1865, while anti-Qing riots were going on in Xinjiang, Kokand took its opportunity and sent an officer Yukub Beg on the invasion journey, who held the offspring of Xinjiang Hoja, Basluk under duress. By June 1867, Yukub took 7 towns in Southern Xinjiang and set up the invasion regime called “Jedshar” He went […]

in Holiday & Special Occasions - 23 Nov, 2014
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In the mid-13th century, the Mongol Empire conquered many nation-states. In order to cement his rule, afer assuming the khanship, Kublai, Shizu Emperor of Yuan Dynasty ordered the Grand State Tutor, Phags-pa to invent a written language that could “spell all tongues” (spell the spoken languages of all ethnic groups in the empire), which was […]

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recovering Beiting and Xizhou, and breaking the blockade around Qiuci. By then, Uighur and Tubo shared the control of the Western Regions, as Uighur took Beiting, Xizhou as well as Yanqi, Qiuci, Wensu, Bohuan (today’s Aksu) and east of Sulek along the northern edge of the Tarim Basin, and Tubo controlled the southern edge of […]

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 Tourist Resources Xinjiang has bountiful tourist resources as it is home to diverse landscapes and colorful cultural heritages. With a huge number of different and tasteful attractions, Xinjiang appeals to all kinds of tourists. Some tourist sites there can be called as “the best in China” or even “the best in the world”. Based on […]

in Travel Services - 28 Oct, 2014
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The hotel is opening up not only to market and society but also to the hotel itself. We should not only expand business, commercial and tourism markets in order to survive and develop, but also establish our brand in reception and extend our influence. For instance, we can play a progressively more important role in […]